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Lakemont Georgia, Lake Rabun Pavilion Wedding – Callie & Matthew

North Georgia Wedding Photographer

by, Claudia Catherine Photography – North Georgia Wedding Photographer

Callie & Matthew's beautiful outdoor wedding at Lake Rabun Pavilion in Lakemont, Georgia.

Nestled in the mountains of North Georgia is Lake Rabun Pavilion. A beautiful north Georgia wedding venue that was the perfect setting for Callie & Matthew’s springtime vows! A key feature of this stunning venue is the beautiful lake (complete with boardwalks for beautiful waterside portraits!), along with the lovely covered stone pavilion, and plenty of spots near the woods for romantic images.

Callie & Matthew’s wedding day began in Lakemont Georgia at a family owned lake house. There was lots of merriment and excitement in the air as Callie and her bridesmaids got ready for the day.

Lakemont Georgia

Callie wore a beautiful strapless wedding dress that was worn by another member of her family. Truly a beautiful heirloom gown that looked stunning!

Before we knew it it was time for Callie’s first looks. She had one with her Father down by the water. Followed by an emotion first look with her fiancé (soon to be husband!).

After Calle & Matthew’s first look we jumped right into bridal portraits! It was so lovely walking around the lake house to find different hidden spots for romantic photos.

We then made our way to Lake Rabun Pavilion to finish up bride and groom portraits, and take wedding party and family formal portraits before the ceremony.

The ceremony was a beautiful gathering of many family and friends. The weather called for rain, but the sun held out! We had beautiful light for their perfect ceremony.

After finishing up family formals and bridal portraits, it was time to celebrate! Lake Rabun Pavilion was decorated with beautiful flowers and candles, along with a custom sign that showcased where Callie and Matthew’s guests had traveled from (some all the way from New Zealand, around 8,000 miles!)

After speeches and dances it was time to set up for the newlyweds grand sparker exit, then to a speedboat getaway on Lake Rabun! With cheers of “congratulations!” and many hugs and smiles, Callie and Matthew sped away into the night, now husband and wife!

Thinking of having your wedding at Lake Rabun Pavilion? Check out their website to learn more!

Photos by Claudia Catherine Photography, LLC Lakemon Georgia Lake Rabun Wedding Pavilion

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